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Who Are We?

Brothers Dean and Mark Johnston established their family-run business back in 2004 in Birmingham’s renowned Jewellery Quarter. This was after learning the trade from their father, who began working in the Jewellery Quarter in the 1980s, allowing them to be backed with years of experience and expertise. With his guidance, we have been able to become experts at our craft, as we are capable of producing consistent, high-quality plated jewellery in a variety of colours and finishes.

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At the forefront of D&M is customer satisfaction, which is why we guarantee our clients a high-quality, efficient plating service that meets their exact needs and requirements. We’re excellent under pressure and are able to meet strict deadlines and complicated plating requirements. If you’re happy, we’re happy!

What Plating Services Do We Offer?

At D&M Jewellery Finishers, we offer a variety of plating services, from initial jewellery cleaning and polishing to a range of finishes, colours and plating thicknesses. We can provide silver, flash gold, hard gold, selective gold, hard rose gold, platinum, black rhodium, selective rhodium and diamond bright rhodium plating. Our plating and finishing process varies depending on your chosen material and components, as some items may need to be cleaned or polished prior to plating. This usually depends on the finish of the surface.

All of our available plating services focus on precision and outstanding attention to detail to ensure customers receive the exact plating finish they want. D&M’s aim is to provide high-quality plating services that are carried out efficiently to meet the tight demands of our customers, which is why all work is personally checked and approved.

Our Promise as a Fairmined Authorised Supplier…

In 2017, we became the first company in the world to offer gold plating services using gold that can be guaranteed as ethically sourced. This is due to our association with Fairmined, an initiative that ensures artisan and small-scale mining communities are paid fairly for the gold they source. D&M’s decision to work with this organisation was driven by the incredible global work they do to promote responsible mining, fairer trade conditions and a more sustainable, ethical jewellery market. This certification also allows us to provide our customers with Fairmined silver and rose gold plating services, allowing you to enjoy jewellery with an ethical, responsible origin.

We’ve been producing unmatched plating quality for over 20 years and are continually adapting to the introduction of new trends and technologies. Choose D&M as your Fairmined Trade Only Jewellery Finishers for quality and service you can trust! Whatever you need, we are happy to help!

We don’t plate watches – sorry! ”One-offs” can be accommodated, BUT our minimum order value is £350. Enquiries of a lesser value may not receive a reply – sorry.

We do give meticulous and comprehensive attention to detail at every stage of our cleaning, polishing and plating processes. This being said, we cannot take responsibility for cracked, loose or lost stones.

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Please note:
We do not plate watches - sorry!

Fairmined Gold, Rose Gold & Silver

Fairmined Gold is an assurance label that certifies gold from ethically sourced, small-scale mining organisations.
Artisan mining is performed in rural communities around the world where simple tools and technologies are used. This requires hard manual work. Fairmined Gold ensures that small artisan mining organisations receive a fair minimum price for the gold they produce as well as ensuring social…

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