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Located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, we deliver great service by post and over the counter.

As we are a small business, the service we give our clients is paramount and we feel that this can be seen in the high level of attention to detail and care we give. Always happy to give free advice, we like to take time to ensure that we meet each and every customers’ needs.

As the world changes, so do we and being in tune with the latest technologies and trends means that we can always deliver the service required to our valued customers.

We offer a range of plating services and are confident that we provide the level of quality service you deserve.

With a customer base in both the United Kingdom and stretching across Europe, we work with clients from a variety of backgrounds from retailers to manufactures, bespoke designers to individuals who would like a special piece of jewellery updating.

What ever your need, we are happy to help.

NB. We don’t plate watches – sorry!

We do give meticulous attention to detail at each stage of our process in cleaning and plating jewellery.

However, we cannot take responsibility for cracked, loose or lost stones.

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    Jewellery Work

    D & M Jewellery Finishers offer a wide range of plating, polishing and cleaning services for the trade and general public.

    From silver, gold and platinum plating to stunning Rhodium plating, offered with various selective, flash and hard options, plus a full cleaning and polishing service that is second to none.

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