Why Birmingham?

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and has a wealth of history in the trade and manufacture of jewellery. The area called the Jewellery Quarter emerged during the 19th century and grew into the greatest concentration of wholesale and retail jewellery manufacturers in Europe. The Jewellery Quarter produces a large percentage of the UK’s jewellery and is home to the world’s largest Assay Office. The flavour of the area has evolved as demands change and new creative businesses are dotted throughout the area, while the more traditional plating and manufacturing companies remain to service their needs.

D&M are currently based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter and have access to casters, mounters, finishers and many metal suppliers. Over the past 10 years D&M’s customer base has stretched right across the UK and Europe as the internet and numerous logistic companies have become available and more competitive to use.

In 2018 D&M will be relocating to Worcestershire as the business has grown and more space is needed. All the advantages of the Jewellery Quarter will be accessible while being able to ensure pricing can be kept competitive and service levels can be maintained.

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