Fairmined Gold Meaning

May 24, 2023

  • What is Fairmined Gold?
  • Commonly asked questions surrounding Fairmined Gold
  • A gold to be proud of – why we chose Fairmined Gold

What is Fairmined Gold? 

Understanding the impact of unethical mining on both the communities and the environment is fundamental in understanding how important the work of Fairmined Gold is. Fairmined.org has estimated that globally, 150 million miners and their families rely on artisanal and small-scale mining to support themselves. By choosing to buy from a Fairmined Authorised Supplier, you are not only helping these mining communities but also encouraging an ethical and sustainable way forward!

Common Questions Surrounding Fairmined Gold:

Is Fairmined Gold Real Gold?

Yes, we can guarantee that it is traceable gold. As Fairmined is an initiative whose label specifically certifies gold of responsible origin, you can rest assured that it is real gold.

How Does Fairmined Gold Differ From Normal Gold & Recycled Gold?

The main difference between Fairmined and normal gold is the way it is sourced. Fairmined Gold uses ethical and responsible mining practices throughout its supply chain. Whilst recycled gold does promote a lower carbon footprint, choosing it over Fairmined won't have any impact on the unethical mining practices that currently occur. 

Is Fairmined Gold More Expensive?

A little bit, yes, but only because of the fundamental values it supports. The extra cost is due to the responsible mining, fairer trade conditions, employee gender equality, traceability, and extensive support to the mining communities that Fairmined enables.

A Gold To Be Proud Of - Why We Chose Fairmined 

D&M Jewellery became a certified Fairmined Authorised Supplier back in 2017, which means that we are able to offer our clients Fairmined jewellery and plating services. From the beginning, we admired the environmental and ethical values driving this initiative and wanted to become part of a more sustainable jewellery market and industry. 

Due to our certification, we can also offer Fairmined Silver and Rose Gold at the same high standard. This is all achieved through our dedicated work and alliance with small-scale miners and mining communities, which allow us to provide our clients with high-quality plating results in a variety of ethically sourced materials. 

We believe that you should use materials you are proud to promote, which is why we became the first company globally to offer Fairmined plating services with certified accreditation. This allows us to not only provide you with high-value plating services but also adds a sense of pride for us both, knowing the responsible, ethical origin of the jewellery.

For more information on Fairmined Gold or our part as a Fairmined Authorised Supplier, please click here to contact us. Alternatively, you can give us a call at +44 (0) 121 554 4170 or request a callback

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