Fairmined Gold, Rose Gold & Silver

What is Fairmined Gold?

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Fairmined Gold is an assurance label that certifies gold from ethically sourced, small-scale mining organisations.

Artisan mining is performed in rural communities around the world where simple tools and technologies are used. This requires hard manual work. Fairmined Gold ensures that small artisan mining organisations receive a fair minimum price for the gold they produce as well as ensuring social and organisational development within their community and protection of their environment.

Fairmined is a Standard that is backed by a strict third party certification and audit system which continues to ensure world-leading standards and responsible practices are adhered to.

A Gold to be Proud of

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Fairmined Gold offers our customers an opportunity to support responsible and ethical mining and help to make a positive impact on the mining community it was sourced from.

When you choose to buy Fairmined Gold, you are supporting the miners, their environment, their local community and the many people who work hard within the gold industry. Fairmined.org have estimated that approximately 150 million people, miners and their families, depend on artisanal and small-scale mining to earn their living. Buying Fairmined Gold is a chance for you to economically empower small organisations and give them a chance to engage with the global market.

What’s more, emotional value is added to your purchase and you can be proud of the responsible origin of your jewellery.

Fairmined Gold, Rose Gold & Silver Plating
from D&M Jewellery

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In 2017, D&M Jewellery Finishers became a Fairmined Authorised Supplier, meaning we can offer our clients Fairmined Gold plating services.

This extends to Fairmined Rose Gold and Silver plating from the same Standard.

We proudly work hand-in-hand with the organisation and various small miners to enable them to produce gold in the format we need to achieve the fantastic gold plating results we deliver.

Our commitment and dedication to the cause has meant we are officially the first company in the world to offer gold plating services using ethically sourced gold with certified Fairmined accreditation.

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