Gold Plating Services

June 26, 2023

Gold Plating Services by D&M Jewellery Finishers

  • D&M Jewellery Finishers offer a variety of high-quality gold plating services to suit your exact requirements & desired finish
  • What is gold plating?
  • Take a look at our flash gold, hard gold & selective gold plating services

At D&M Jewellery Finishers, we offer a variety of high-quality gold plating services to suit your exact requirements and desired finish. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, which is why our expert team work efficiently and meticulously to achieve perfect plating results. Whether you are interested in flash, hard or selective plating, you can rely on us for a faultless and flawless service!

What is Gold Plating?

Gold plating is the process of depositing or electroplating a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. This gives the item of jewellery a gold finish and appearance. Electroplating is a chemical and electrical process that works by applying a direct electrical current that dissolves the very surface of the metal to create a strong chemical bond between it and the thin layer of gold. Gold plating is used for a variety of different purposes, whether it be to make items appear gold or to protect them from damage, corrosion, wear, or rust due to the additional layer of strength it provides. It can also be used for jewellery repair. There are different types of gold plating services that we offer, depending on the finish and appearance you're after!

Flash Gold Plating:

Flash gold plating is when a thin layer of gold, less than 0.25 microns thick, is used to coat the jewellery in order to give it the colour and finish. The coating of gold is applied through the process of electroplating it to the jewellery to create the gold finish. Typically, this method of gold plating is used for display items and costume jewellery, as it's a more cost-effective method.

Hard Gold Plating:

This type of gold plating involves depositing a layer of gold, between 0.25 and 10 microns, onto the surface of your jewellery, again to give it a gold colour and finish. Most jewellery is generally plated with 2 microns. Hard gold plating helps to create a shiny surface and appearance that is hard-wearing and reliable. This is because hard gold plating is often used to add strength or other characteristics to metal items. D&M Jewellery also gives you the option to choose the particular colour of gold you'd like to plate your metal items with, including 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold.

Selective Gold Plating:

Selective gold plating is ideal for when you want selected parts of your metal item gold plated but not all of it. It's often used to create multi-tonal charms and pendants. D&M Jewellery achieves this finish by hand plating the item using our professional tools or by covering the areas you don't want gold plating and plating the rest of the item in our gold tanks. In the past, we have worked extensively and meticulously with precious stone setters, ensuring that the claw settings of their rings look perfect before they are displayed. This thorough attention to detail is what sets our gold plating services apart.

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