Precious Metal Plating

August 3, 2023

Precious Metal Plating by D&M Jewellery Finishers

  • What is precious metal plating?
  • What are the benefits of precious metal plating?
  • Discover D&M Jewellery’s range of expert, high-quality precious metal plating services

What is Precious Metal Plating?

Precious metal plating is an electroplating process which involves the application of a thin layer of your chosen precious metal over a piece of jewellery to create your desired colour or finish. This happens by immersing the substrate (your piece of jewellery or object) into a complex chemical solution containing the ions of your chosen precious metal. An electric current is then added to the solution, which deposits the precious metal onto the surface, allowing it to adhere to the substrate.

What Are The Benefits of Precious Metal Plating?

  • It makes the metal more durable and resistant to tarnish or corrosion
  • A more cost-effective method of jewellery plating, finishing, and even repair
  • Provides aesthetic results with your desired metal colour and finish

What Precious Metal Plating Services Do We Offer At D&M Jewellery?

Silver Plating:

We achieve durable, long-lasting results with our hard silver plating service, which deposits a thin layer of the precious metal onto the surface of your item. D&M Jewellery offers a range of precious metal thicknesses, all the way from 0.25 microns to 10 microns, but most silver jewellery is plated with 2 microns.

Gold Plating:

At D&M Jewellery, we offer a range of gold plating services, including flash, hard, and selective gold plating. Our range of gold, precious metal plating services helps to protect your items from damage, wear, corrosion and rust by providing an additional layer of strength and protection. If you're interested specifically in our gold precious metal plating, please click here for an overview of our services!

Rose Gold Plating:

We also offer hard rose gold plating if you are looking for a luxurious rose gold finish of up to 10 microns in thickness. This uses the same electroplating process, which can be applied to all precious metals to achieve a bright pink finish which promises excellent tarnish and corrosion resistance.

Platinum Plating:

We also offer a platinum plating precious metal service, which prevents your jewellery from tarnishing or oxidising, allowing it to maintain a high-quality bright and brilliant finish!

Rhodium Plating:

Our expert team at D&M Jewellery also offer a comprehensive range of rhodium precious metal plating services. This includes black rhodium plating, as well as selective rhodium plating and diamond bright rhodium plating. Black rhodium plating creates a grey-black finish which is an interesting alternative to typical rhodium plating. With this service, we can do selective black rhodium plating, which involves the intentional coating of certain elements of jewellery items, or we can coat the entire object. Our team have often used selective black rhodium plating to accentuate black stone areas within set ring pieces. We also do selective normal rhodium plating, as mentioned above, which involves the same electroplating process. Our diamond bright rhodium plating service involves depositing a layer of ultra-bright platinum coating that previously was impossible! This creates a platinum finish that is highly resistant to abrasion and can be up to 5 micrometres thick without cracking. This precious metal placing can be done directly onto both gold and silver items.

Fairmined Plating:

We also offer Fairmined gold, rose gold and silver plating services, which use precious metals ethically sourced from small-scale mining organisations and communities!

For more information on any of our Precious Metal Plating Services, please click here to contact us. Or, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 121 554 4170 or request a callback.


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