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  • What is recycled gold jewellery & how can gold be recycled?
  • What are the benefits of recycled gold & how does it compare to new & Fairmined gold?
  • D&M Jewellery offer recycled gold jewellery plating service, promoting the sustainable opportunity to reuse, repurpose and re-love old gold!

What is Recycled Gold Jewellery?

Recycled gold jewellery is essential pieces made from pre-used, broken or unwanted jewellery or items such as scrap electrical components, car parts, coins, or other objects previously set in or containing the precious metal. This gold can be reused and recycled to create new jewellery, making it a more conscious and environmental alternative to buying brand-new gold. Recycled gold can be used to craft a variety of items such as pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets or more statement pieces, including engagement and wedding rings.

How is Gold Recycled?

The process of recycling gold is simple; it involves extracting the old gold by melting it down and refining it until it reaches its original form. This can then be poured into moulds to recast it into new pieces of jewellery. Using this process, you are able to separate the gold from any alloys it has previously been mixed with. Not only does this help revert the gold back to its purest form, but it allows us to identify the true karat value of the gold.

What Are The Benefits of Recycled Gold?

  • Less environmental impact – no additional mining or environmental strain is required to produce recycled gold jewellery, meaning existing resources will be left alone
  • Reduced social and environmental impact – gold mining can be an incredibly dangerous industry, as some industrial companies often use cyanide to extract the gold; not only does this put workers at risk, but also the surrounding environment and drinking water
  • Gold can continuously be recycled – not only are you helping the world we live in today, but also future generations, as gold can be reused and recycled over and over again without depleting in quality or value
  • No unethical sources – some retailers may use unethically sourced gold to craft their jewellery, supporting unjust and not environmentally friendly mining practices; recycled gold ensures these retailers won’t be further supported
  • High-quality results – as mentioned, gold is a precious metal that can be continuously recycled without experiencing any diminishment or degradation in quality, which means you can enjoy a high-quality finish for often a lower price

How Does Recycled Gold Compare to New & Fairmined Gold?

Recycled gold doesn’t differ from new gold in quality or aesthetics, making it a more sustainable choice. Regarding fair mined gold, you could argue that the downside to recycled gold is that it doesn’t support artisan small-scale farming communities. However, it does prevent immoral and unsafe mining practices used by larger mining companies. Overall, recycled gold is a valuable alternative that promotes an environmentally-friendly stance, as it provides us with the opportunity to reuse, repurpose and re-love old pieces of gold jewellery!

Our Recycled Gold Plating Services:

At D&M Jewellery, we offer recycled gold plating services to repurpose and reuse old jewellery items. We operate at a high standard, combining meticulous detail and precision with the ability to reach deadlines and quality requirements.

For more information on any of our Recycled Gold Jewellery & Plating Services, please click here to contact us. Or, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 121 554 4170 or request a callback.

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